Or haGan


Or haGan - אוֹר   הגן

Light of the Garden Jewish Community

Our Mission:

Or haGan was formed in 2004 and is Eugene’s newest Jewish community.  The members of Or haGan are dedicated to lively, intentional prayer,  Limud Torah, and singing in a Havurah of caring individuals and families, led by Rabbi Seidel.  In the tradition of progressive Judaism, we are strongly supportive of egalitarianism, human rights, communal mitzvot and healing the world by fighting injustice. We are engaged in support of Israel and continuing discussions about civil rights and the development of democracy in HaAretz. Ours is a learning community uncovering the riches of the Rabbinic and kabbalistic teachings in everyday life and lifting everyone up in their particular journey in Jewish learning. We come together to assist each other in life cycle and passages. Our Rabbi Jonathan Seidel serves part-time but is available for counseling and tutoring, and teachers widely in the community.


Services are held on the second and fourth Shabbat of the month, at 390 Vernal Street (at Rustic) in Eugene



Weekly Torah Reading
BaMidbar-Numbers 1:1-4:20